3.5e New Player Guide

3.5e New Player Reading:

Bare Minimum:

D20 SRD Everything in the "Core Rules" column starting with Basics, Races, & Description to Magic Overview as well as Carrying, Movement, and Exploration. This provides a pretty good overview of the very basics of the system and creating a character.
Homebrew You need to read everything here, these are the ways in which our session's rules will deviate from the rules established by Wizards of the Coast (WotC).
Table Rules You also need to read all of this. These are the rules which govern the actual running of the game itself.

Suggested Reading:

3.5e PHB If you are completely new this can replace the d20srd in the above list if you read it in its entirety. If you don't have a print copy then you can probably "find" a copy online in pdf format.
Easy Damus Alignments Good summary of the way that alignments work and how you should play a particular alignment.
Backstory Considerations Description of what questions to consider when coming up with your character's backstory.


3.5e New Player Guide

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