Backstory considerations

This is a list of questions to aid you in the creation of a good PC. The questions are grouped based on their priority.

Core Questions

Why is your character part of a team?

What does your character bring to a team? If they were trying to get a group to let them tag along what would they say to convince them?

What concrete things is your character hoping to achieve in the next year or two?

What concrete things is your character hoping to achieve before they die?

Why is your character at the location where they encounter the party?

How is your character's personality different than your own? Do they have any differing mannerisms?

Fluff Questions

Who are your characters friends/rivals/contacts? Are they in regular communication with any of them?

What formative experiences did your character have growing up?

What transpired for your character to become their class?

How much money did your character's family have?

Is your character of any noble lineage?

What has transpired in your character's love life?

What resources does your character have at their disposal outside of what they carry around?

How religious is your character? DM Note: Most characters will be religious to at least some extent although personal deities are rare except for clerics and paladins.


Backstory considerations

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