Druid Alignment

Druid Alignment is strictly a "fluff" feature and is used to categorize Druid characters. It isn't strictly necessary to have a Druid Alignment but picking what your character is closest to is appreciated. The alignment chart has the axes of Civil vs Wild and Practical vs Mystic as shown below. A character's Druid Alignment has no correlation with a character's Alignment.

Civil Practical Neutral Practical Wild Practical
Neutral Civil Neutral Neutral Wild
Civil Mystic Neutral Mystic Wild Mystic

Civil Druids

A civil druid is someone who is used to and fully embraces civilization and doesn't feel particularly out of place in large towns. Civil druids don't feel a great compulsion to convene with nature regularly. As with all druids civil druids still hold a great reverence for nature and often come to its defense. Many of their contributions to the defense of nature are indirect and may involve political intrigue.

Wild Druids

Wild druids fully embrace the wild aspect of nature. They frequently avoid staying in large cities for prolonged periods of time. Wild druids frequently convene with nature and do so with great regularity. Wild druids are often on the front lines of the defense of nature and often are acting directly in its defense.

Practical Druids

Practical druids focus on the material aspects of being a druid. They focus on mastery of a specific weapon or skill over mastery of magic. Practical druids are often compared to rangers.

Mystic Druids

Mystic druids focus on the spiritual and magical aspects of being a druid. Rather than attempting to master a specific weapon or skill mystic druids tend to focus on 

Druid Alignment

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