3.5 Homebrew:

Death and Dying We are using Pathfinder's dying instead of 3.5e's. The full rule can be found here.
Skill crits and crit fails

We play with skill crits and crit fails. They represent unusually fortunate/unfortunate circumstances. This means that success is not always guaranteed on a 20 and the same with failure on a 1.

Commoner Levels An adult commoner is level 3. Children are level 2.
Toughness Toughness now has the same benefit it does in Pathfinder. The full description of the benefit can be found here.
Druid Alignment As part of fluff (and only as fluff) Druids have their own special Druid Alignment. Its axes are Wild vs Civil and Practical vs Mystic.


Generic Campaign Name metasyn