Table Rules

Do the required reading before you play - It is one thing to show up unsure about the reading or not understanding some parts of it. Showing up without having done any reading or failing to understand the fundamentals of the game is another beast entirely and is unacceptable. If you are having difficulty with the rules consult the DM.

No electronic devices not actively being used for D&D related reasons - You are expected to be paying attention to what is currently happening at all or most times.

No arguing with the DM - We need to keep the game moving. There isn't time to always look up the appropriate rule. After a particular session we can look up rules or come up with a more appropriate ruling.

Know your character sheet - You aren't restricted to any particular format for your character sheet. Find a template online or make your own, but you should know where all information is located on your CS and be able to retrieve it quickly.

Bring your character sheet - It is your responsibility to come to every session with a printed copy of your character sheet or to arrange for a copy to be provided with either the DM or another player.

Level up your character outside of sessions - You are responsible for showing up with a fully leveled character at the start of every session. If you are having trouble leveling up or aren't sure what you need to do, check the leveling checklist or ask the DM.

Don't be a dick - Seriously, don't be a dick. Being a dick constitutes a large range of actions but generally it means hurting the group as a whole. If betraying the group is something your character would do then you shouldn't play that character. See Backstory considerations for more detail.

Roll dice in the open on a flat surface - Other players should be able to see the die and confirm what it rolled. If the result is ambiguous or should the die fall off the table the die will be rolled again. Care should be taken to make sure dice are rolled away from any terrain or visuals.

Track information on CS - Similar to previous rules and responsibilities players should be tracking their HP, items and everything else.

Limit out of character discussion - If you're going to talk to the other players then your character should be the one doing the talking.

Limit the space you occupy at the table - relevant items such as your character sheet, dice and pencils are all fine, but you should do your best to make sure you aren't going to take up a lot of table real estate if you don't have to.

Table Rules

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